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Do not hotlink!

Upload graphics to your own server!

The only exception to this rule is for layouts (i.e. journal layouts & profile layouts). If the image is included with a CSS code, then, and only then it is OK to hotlink.

I know how to check to see if my bandwidth is being used more than usual. If any of my graphics are deleted for excessive bandwidth use, I will begin deleting the graphics and only making them available for my friends.

Do not steal!

Do not remove the graphic tag. It is there for a reason: giving credit to where it's due.

Do not tell people that you created the graphics that you find here. I made them, not you.

Credit properly by linking back to hair_works by putting <*lj user="hair_works"> without the * (asterisk) in an entry in your journal, in your profile, or on your sidebar.

Do not bash!

I work hard on all of these graphics.

I make graphics for everyone.

I enjoy making graphics.

If you have to bash me, do it somewhere else (i.e. not here).


If you like something, let me know!

If you take something, let me know!

If you have any constructive criticism, let me know!


I do this for you, so please enjoy!

I don't own anyone that you see in the graphics. I don't own the fonts you see in the graphics. I don't own the brushes you see in the graphics. I only own the creativity that was used in making the graphics.
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