How to Install a Journal Layout

I've had people ask me, "How do you install it?" Well, instead of typing it up EVERY TIME someone asks me that, I thought I'd post an entry. I've had a good success rate in people not coming back and asking me, "OK, so I just did the Sidebar how I want it, but how do you do the Custom CSS again?" So I think that is pretty good, considering I'm not good at explaining things. I've included images, so hopefully it'll be easier for the visual learners as well! Here it goes:

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Good luck with the installation of your layout and showing everyone how pretty you can make things!

Originally posted at my old graphics LJ, greenberryhair.


Do not hotlink!

Upload graphics to your own server!

The only exception to this rule is for layouts (i.e. journal layouts & profile layouts). If the image is included with a CSS code, then, and only then it is OK to hotlink.

I know how to check to see if my bandwidth is being used more than usual. If any of my graphics are deleted for excessive bandwidth use, I will begin deleting the graphics and only making them available for my friends.

Do not steal!

Do not remove the graphic tag. It is there for a reason: giving credit to where it's due.

Do not tell people that you created the graphics that you find here. I made them, not you.

Credit properly by linking back to hair_works by putting <*lj user="hair_works"> without the * (asterisk) in an entry in your journal, in your profile, or on your sidebar.

Do not bash!

I work hard on all of these graphics.

I make graphics for everyone.

I enjoy making graphics.

If you have to bash me, do it somewhere else (i.e. not here).


If you like something, let me know!

If you take something, let me know!

If you have any constructive criticism, let me know!


I do this for you, so please enjoy!

I don't own anyone that you see in the graphics. I don't own the fonts you see in the graphics. I don't own the brushes you see in the graphics. I only own the creativity that was used in making the graphics.


Please ask your questions here! I love to help people, so ask away, but before you ask, please read the F.A.Q. to make sure I haven't already answered the question you are wanting to ask. This list will grow in the future with more questions as they are asked more frequently.

How do I credit you?

For icons, all you have to do is put <*lj user="hair_works"> without the * (asterisk) in the comment section. Example

For all other graphics (i.e. layouts, headers, gifs, etc...), besides leaving the graphic tag in the corner of the graphic (Example), you can link back to hair_works in an entry in your journal, on your sidebar, or in your profile by putting <*lj user="hair_works"> without the * (asterisk).

What is hotlinking?

It's another word for stealing bandwidth. In the case of layouts (i.e. journal layouts & profile layouts), hotlinking is OK; however, in the case of all other graphics (i.e. headers, gifs, icons, banners, etc...), hotlinking is not OK. All you need to do is go to an image hosting site (i.e.,,, etc...) and upload the graphic yourself. That means that the link used to display the graphic that I uploaded myself, will be different than the link that's used to display the graphic that you uploaded yourself. I do know how to check if people are using my bandwidth. And if any of my graphics are deleted from where I upload them, I will begin removing all of my graphics and only make graphics for my friends.

How long have you been making graphics?

I've started teaching myself about 4 years ago as something to do when I had nothing else to do. About 2 years ago, I actively started to learn more about creating graphics because I enjoyed doing it. Then in 2008, a friend of mine that I met here on LJ invited me to join her new graphic community cheverloo as an artist and began giving small tutorials on how to do more with my graphics in Photoshop and to code journal layouts. Since then, I've been creating graphics and layouts happily.

Can you teach me how to make a header/icon/banner/etc...?

There will be tutorials added on how I create certain graphics. I always tell people that I've shown how to make headers and icons, "Once you know how to do one graphic, you know how to do the other graphics." The reason why is because all graphics take the same concept to make. Check the tutorials tag to find all the current tutorials that I've done.

How do you install a journal/profile layout?

Journal layouts: tutorial

Profile layouts: tutorial coming soon!

Why are your tutorials public when posts are to be Members Only after a week?

I like helping everyone, so I decided to make my tutorials public to everyone. If I see people claiming the tutorials as their own, then I will make them Members Only, just like the rest of my posts.

What's the point in joining when all your posts will be public for a week?

It allows you to participate in polls and even request from me. I take care of my friends and I would love to take care of the people appreciative enough to join!

I will also be making Members Only graphics that will be exclusive to hair_works that only the members will be able to get access to!